Growth testimonials

Ruth (International Law Attorney and UNICEF Consultant): D’Niscio definitely entered my life at a time I was “coming of age”. He took me on a journey that I won’t soon forget or exchange for anything in this world. He is generous, thoughtful, loving, and loyal. It has been truly amazing to watch him evolve. Beating the odds, he is a true “break out” character who realizes dreams through hard work, intelligence, diligence, passion, and determination. I enjoy watching “his space” and look forward to the further unfolding of revelations of his accomplished life.

Rudolfina (Teacher): Alfonso Brooks walked into the Milton Peters College many years ago and it was a privilege for me to be one of the teachers of this wonderful gentleman. The first thing that I noticed was his beautiful green/grey eyes. While getting to know him more, I noticed the other beautiful characteristics that he still possesses: Caring, has always a smile on his face, very quiet. His passion was MUSIC. He was never a problem.

Allison (CPA): When I talk about my beloved friend Alfonso, I usually refer to him as my spiritual advisor. He has been such an inspirational figure in my life and helped guide me down the path of enlightenment. I attribute so much of the success I’ve had on my spiritual quest to him. The amount of knowledge, wisdom, insight, and intuitiveness he possesses is beyond measure. Simply put, he is a phenomenal human being. I’m blessed to have met him and to be part of his life.

Myriam (Christian Liaigre): You occur as someone with a strong moral character who treats others with courtesy and respect. Your ability to establish a definite rapport with people has resulted in a large group of loyal friends and colleagues. You are a dedicated worker whose motivation and discipline contributes to the success of your community and peers. You are a kind and conscientious being who cares about and supports the wellbeing of others. You are inspired to move humanity forward.

Tami (Adoption Children Services): Mr. Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks is by far one of the kindest gentlest men I’ve ever known. His calm even-keeled manner can’t be described as anything other than Zen-like. I’ve always appreciated his advice, patience, and wisdom. Once upon a time, I had the privilege of calling him, my husband. With as much honor and respect as he is due, I’ll always wish him nothing but love and JOY.

Anastacia (High School Music Teacher): Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks; “Limitless-Creating-Continuity and Harmony in Diversity” as he articulates himself, a person that loves perfection and considers his profession as a mission.

I have known D’Niscio, (As my former student in his early teens) for over 20 years. I have found him an adventurous conscientious and very courteous person. His drive for diversity and adventure was already discovered at an early age.

As his Musical desires and creative adventures took wings, he has developed himself and Musical skills into a Rock Ready Progressive Artist with strong determinations filled with Humanism. His Soulful spirit and humanistic approach towards all his endeavors guided him in fulfilling his Creative wishes. This opened his eyes to the many philanthropic initiatives.

So father so son; I have had the privilege to perform with his father and also did several recordings at his Bronese Recording Studio. Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks, That voiceless cry, resting in the depths of your soul is ready for far more expressions. Your Artistry will give it; Feelings-A voice- Form, The Actual Proof. Great Fortune and Success.

Nicole (Driven Visions): You’re definitely a Gemini. Thirst for adventure. Great sense of knowledge and understanding, outgoing and carefree but outside of those characteristics, as Alfonso you are loving, passionate, and inspiring. A tough mystery to solve and amazing to those you truly love? Still, remember you walking into the club with your long trench and shades, not quite sure what brought you there, but definitely glad you stayed.

Shanakay (Attorney at Clough, Long & Co.): It was a frigid autumn day, and I had just arrived at the John F. Kennedy airport with Buju Banton and his Management Team and members of the ‘Till Shiloh Band. We finally got through the security queue and made it outside, and I was elated to find ‘Van Mike’ waiting for us, with our transportation for the trip. As I recall there were some other people with Van Mike, all of whom were obviously excited that we had arrived; jokes and laughter abound. All, save one.

The cool calm gentlemen wore a plain white T-shirt, blue jeans, white kicks, and dark brown sunglasses. He proceeded to pick up our bags and load them into the van, and as I entered he held out his hand to assist me; I said my thanks, a brief exchange of introductions and that was all.

He said nothing about the fact that it was his show at which Buju Banton, Beres Hammond and so many other Caribbean artists would be performing. He said nothing about what he did or what his role was in the scheme of things, he was just D’Niscio Brooks. It wasn’t until the night of the event, that the extent of the gentleman’s involvement became clear. That first encounter typifies Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks whose astute entertainment industry acumen and Caribbean cultural stewardship are only exceeded by his enthusiasm for life and the betterment of our collective human experience.

It is difficult to wholly express the width of this gentleman’s impact on the course of my life, but I am proud to say that I have been truly blessed to know him; to have the benefit of his ear and to have worked with him, over the years.

Simone (Registered Nurse): Alfonso, I have known you for almost 8 years. You have been an advisor, a friend, and a great example of how you should walk the walk. You’re as humble as they come yet know there is no limit to self-happiness. I have never met a man who eats so pure and yet sees the good in everything. Not to mention how charming and charismatic you are. You would compliment a 90-year-old stranger just to put a smile on her face. I love our friendship. You’re respectful and super professional. Every time I need you, you find time to fit me in your busy schedule. I admire your intelligence. People have no idea how private you are and how adventurous your mind can be. You’re a man of its own category and there is no one I can compare you to. You can step into a town where no one knows you yet in less than 2 days everyone is talking about you. You fit in so well no matter where you go. You are truly a rare human being. I am so proud of you always. I look up to you and I love you.

Anastasia (Sami Foods Montreal): Alfonso you are my spiritual brother. You have an outstanding mind, a fabulous personality and so much more. With you, it’s all about the heart and mind connection in balance. Keep on keeping on.

Akilah (Saba Government): He has been more than a best friend and advisor. No ocean, time, or person has ever broken what we share. He has always been there for me, true unconditional love and everything at least for me.

Norma-Jean (Seren-Dip-A-Tea Cafe): I value our friendship and appreciate your generosity & kindness! Your compassion for causes is commendable! Your personality is very charming & righteous! Your aura is harmonically beautiful & with your sensuous voice, you can soothe anyone who connects with you! I am truly honored to know you.

Samar (Congo/Lebanese Model): Knowing that I have a friend waiting for me across the pond. It’s priceless. I am here, I was there once upon a time but we are not alone. Hugs.

Violet (Off-Broadway Stage Manager): I think you’re a wonderful man with a beautiful soul that has gone through many things in your life. Unlike others, you learned and grew to embrace another side of yourself and a higher realm. You’ve acknowledged that you are much more than people will be able to see.

You’re strong and continuously ambitious and passionate about life and your work. Even though you can do it all and have, you should accept more assistance at times. You’re driven and that won’t leave you. No matter what comes at you you’ll push through and think of the positive within the realistic moves you make. You influence the same in the people you are around. You are naturally positive being in people’s lives. Many have and will challenge you because they seek what you have/are. You’ll continue to defeat them in ways you haven’t been told of yet. You can empathize with a person because you take the time to actually listen to the words. It’s not just the gift that sees help you. You’re much more than it. You seek to understand them so you can better grasp the lesson from the universe. But you give so much of yourself.

You protect people without them knowing, either from yourself or from a challenge you know they’ll face. It’s not because you have to, but you feel may be as though you should. Even though you work within something you love and/or a passion for, you don’t take the time to give to yourself. Your work gives to you and inspires a roaring fire in you… You feel and see into others but also take on their pains, so you feel the weight from it all. You know how to enjoy life’s pleasures and take peace in the breath of life. You see its beauty even within its ugly truth. That takes strength, which is probably why you’ve endeavored on this path. I hope this was helpful to you and your continuous growth.

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