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Juanita (Mom): My son, I have always told you that if you remain humble that God would lift you up. I pray for you daily and miss you more as each day unfolds. You are a star and will help change this world for the better. You came through me to this world to accomplish great things.

Michael (Attorney): A true Bodhisattva, D’Niscio’s level of equanimity and tranquility is something I have always admired and look forward to our discourses whenever possible. He is always telling me how much he learns from me when in turn I think it is the other way around. It has been a pleasure to know him and watch his growth. I am very humbled to have been his general counsel.

Suzan (Circle of One Marketing & PR): Alpha male, Determined, Tough, Brilliant, Kind, Confident, Interesting, Textured, Complicated, Loving, Loyal, Proud, Hustler, Sexy, Aloof in some ways, Ambitious, Good friend, Visionary, Risk-taker, Strategic, Unafraid, LOVELY.

Maggie (Editor in Chief): He is a kind, warm, and gentle spirit. He is exceptionally bright, not just in intelligence but in character. He brings a realistic, pragmatic but still lighthearted attitude to whatever challenges life brings, whether his or yours, and he’s happy to share his perceptions with those he loves. He’s been a great help to me at times, with his steadiness and calm in the face of difficult issues and his perspective that radiates hope, courage, and humor. He is very accessible, which makes a strong statement in itself. He is there when you need him, any time of day or night. He is a force of positivity with a “can do” mentality.

Niya (Educator): In some ways, Mr. Brooks is kind of like a Dr. Who. He’s a brilliant man on a journey beyond time. I always feel like he has a unique ability to be fully present in the moment and yet very far off into the past or future at the same time- may be listening to music that only he hears. I don’t know. I don’t think about it too much, because when we are together I’m always delightfully awed that a moment with another person can be so full, that an embrace can be so genuine, and a conversation can have such gravity that it shifts you out of your spiritual malaise.

Whoa to the woman who falls in love with such a man! It’s like trying to keep a firefly alive in a bottle- utterly impossible. Yet, it’s difficult to not fall in love just a little bit with Mr. Brooks because he is so singularly devoted to the path of love as a man, as a father, as a musician, as an ethical business person, and a student of the universe. He’s been an exceptional life teacher for me. From him, I really learned what it means when the Buddhists talk about love without attachment, without tightening our emotional fists and damaging ourselves-and-others in the process.

One can sense that no matter how passionate he is about something, Mr. Brooks is not afraid to keep his hand open- to give, to receive, to let go. I think this is how he maintains his equilibrium in the midst of so much uncertainty. He’s my role model for patience. “Oaktree doesn’t grow in a day,” he reminds me. No, it doesn’t but the seed always knows its purpose. Like the oak tree, Mr. Brooks always has a purpose, is always growing, always connected, and always trying to find ways to breathe life into the spaces around him.

Butch (Franklin Case Agency): Per our conversations, I can only state that you are a joy to deal with. You are pleasant, caring, responsible and a positive contributor to society. As always I am here to assist in any endeavor.

Monique A. Williams (Author): Few can touch your lives in the ways that Mr. Brooks does. I know no one more genuine in his love for others, so earnest in his mission to bring out the best of those he sees. To be seen by him is to truly see yourself, to recognize who you are, who you will be when you break free of the way others see you when you tear down the prison built by your own pain and reaction to the world’s judgment. He is truly an alchemist, as he transformed my life in beautiful ways I never imagined. With care, patience, and unconditional love he has been instrumental in my evolution as an artist, a healer, a woman, a friend, a lover, a spiritual being. Mr. Brooks is my muse, my mentor, my spiritual guide, my boss, and the mirror I so desperately needed. He helped me to save my life. To him, I am eternally grateful.

Swaby (City of Miami): First thoughts…..Smooth Operator, Forward Thinker, About The Money.

Julie (Give Me Dignity Foundation): Kind, Compassionate, Empathetic, Easy (in a wu Wei kind of way), Conscious, Ambitious, Tenacious, Mysterious, Forward-thinking, Optimistic…The list is endless and nobody professionalizes an event quite like you.

Allister (4 Tors Transportation): A good human being with good intentions. Adversity strikes us at any time and we are forced to do things outside of our character. You are no different from anyone of us and it takes a big man to be introspective’ real big man!

Anne Margaret (Executive): Unfortunately we haven’t had the opportunity to get to know each other very well. However, from what I know of you, and considering how very careful I am about the people I surround myself with you’re a joy. I’m extremely sensitive and can usually pick up if someone is being genuine if they have a good and kind spirit, heart and character. You, my friend, are one of those people. You make me smile when I hear your name or think of you and you are a genuine soul. I think you are absolutely wonderful I sense that you are comfortable with yourself…not afraid to be yourself and don’t feel the need to conform to society. I love that you have a social conscience in your work whereas at your music festivals you ask for canned goods to help the needy. I love and respect that you give me your honest opinion when I ask about my daughter’s music and provide constructive criticism to help her grow as an artist. What can I say, you are a doll and I adore you!

Esther (Lead Singer of the Band Jahfe): It’s hard to truly give a strong and viable depiction of your character. I have not been around you enough. However, you have the mental capacity to make things happen regardless of the obstacles. You are reserved and observant. You take time before you open up to people. You are not flashy or cocky. Someone who doesn’t know you might think you are mean, but it’s the opposite. Lastly, when you help someone it’s full-hearted. I have proof of it.

Tasha (Easyjet Flight Attendant): It’s hard, to sum up in words what I think of you, this my opinion!!! I see in you the most beautiful person I ever have the pleasure to know. You’re humble and patient and loving. I pay attention to everything you say and do. I admire you for your strength and your courage. I can only hope for God to continue blessing you with more knowledge so that I can continue to pick up after you. My dear Alfonso Brooks in my eyes you are a legend after all that you have gone through and is striving for. I hope what I have said here makes you see yourself blessed and also see what a difference you make in my life.

Taj (All Things Taj): For the mere fact that you have sent this humble request only shows you are a man of depth and substance. We have not known each other very long but the “perception” of you is highly favorable, a man working for good and social consciousness. Our spirits are of like purposes. You will achieve greatness …and, I humbly offer my partnership wherever and whenever appropriate.

Jasmin K (Artist): Cheerful, kind, successful, fun, understanding, hopeful, motivating, caring, cool, interesting, peaceful, and genuine.

Marti (Chattoyance Jewelry Designs): Kind, loving, generous, patient, intelligent, talented, productive, and BLESSED Cuz.

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