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Alexis (Afro Diaries): I have very seldom upon a first meeting, met people in my life who have impacted me, and whose impact has been significant whereby, I am able to reference their own presence as a marker for my own movement. Alfonso Brooks is one such. Upon Brooks’ initial introduction to me, he stated his intention in life was to, “fill voids and empty spaces”. While I recognize the beauty in life-affirming idealism, I also recognize the current of absence often times because of human frailties. I am with thanks, that I have been able to witness Brooks’ service for the benefit of many.

Christy (Inity Weekly): To offer words about Alfonso Brooks in one or two paragraphs is a daunting task, as his influence has had a great impact on my personal and professional growth. However, here is my attempt: I knew Alfonso was a visionary before I even met him. Rockers Movement events inspire both patrons and the entertainment industry to step things up when it comes to the caliber of artists and the experiences offered. That alone was enough to convince me to reach out to him. When I finally had the chance to meet with him in the hopes of landing some takeaway wisdom to translate into my business, I discovered that he was a gentle soul and a seeker of knowledge himself. He was and still is intriguing.

He always pushes the envelope, finding new ways to incorporate the arts with initiatives to educate and benefit the people. I would label Alfonso as successful, as he has accomplished and completed major projects that most people can only dream about. But if you were to express this sentiment to him, he’ll most likely give thanks with the humblest of demeanors. I understand that more of his dreams are to be realized, and it’s admirable to witness such strength and perseverance when obstacles are the norm. One can only wait in wonder and excitement to see what he comes up with next.

Over the years, Alfonso has been a great mentor, support system, and friend. He ingrained the notion in my head that “giving up is not an option,” no matter how many times I’ve tried to convince myself that I’ve reached the end of the road. Just being around him and talking to him has taught me more about how to approach life situations, which in turn always translates to the level of success you allow yourself to achieve. To have him as an integral part of my support system is a gift and an experience that will stay with me forever.

Ritesh (Techlizer Website Designs): I am saying everything from my heart and soul. I am very glad to say to you that you are a good and interesting man because you love music and the arts. I know you personally as well as business. I know you for years and honestly, I can say you are laborious towards your work. You always want to do something new and creative as I know you and have proved that. I know you will get more popular among the people due to your dedication. No one can stop you from getting this. GOD bless you and for your future dreams.

Babacar Mbow (Director, Museum of Contemporary Art): For the past few years, through Rockers Movement, Alfonso Brooks has been one of the leading voices of his generation to articulate a cultural framework beyond race and ethnicity and engagement with social transformations.

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Brooks over years, first as a member of the Contemporaneity Studies Group in Miami, during which time he produced both art exhibitions and cultural festivals and was able to demonstrate a cultural fluency which is the hallmark of the twenty-first century. Crossing racial and ethnic divides, Mr. Brooks provided South Florida with an imagination of a world that could be; one in which not only some of us are better off but one in which we are all better off. International Miami Reggae Festival which one accesses with food cans that would later be distributed to those in need throughout the county, the sponsoring of art exhibitions, the organizations of symposiums on the role of art and culture; in all these achievements, Alfonso Brooks handled himself with humility and amazing professionalism, respect, diligence and always maintained a position of integrity and service to the people.

Mr. Brooks’ cultural literacy became evident when one witness the various panel discussions he has spearheaded in South Florida. Those of us who have encountered his work have found it to be of an aesthetically-sophisticated approach to servicing the community. As a result, his work has been able to make the kind of intellectual contribution we desire from our cultural workers. In the course of his recent focus, Mr. Brooks recognized how we need to move beyond multiculturalism to transculturalism — the ability to seeing oneself in the other; an extension through all human culture.

Combining intellectual discourse and the arts, Mr. Brooks model the cognitive character of movements and organizations that have struggled to make a better world; to project into a future of hope and transformation. Alfonso Brooks describes his work as a turn towards the Human and in so doing reveals the constructive achievements and narratives of various grassroots organizations that contributed to the internal transformation of class and economy in South Florida today.

Alfonso Brooks’ attitude to intellectual work and social relations has always been one of consistency, courtesy, forthrightness, reliability and professionalism. He has proven himself as one willing to always go the extra mile to master the various approaches and responsibilities with which he is charged. It was a pleasure working with him. From all reports, the thousands of peoples he has touched have had the same experience and are therefore fortunate to have such a talented and committed cultural worker in our community.

Kevens (Recording Artist): The Alfonso I have met is a warrior of light sailing through an ocean filled with gray entities. He is planting seeds of goodness in the manner he thinks, words, and actions even when he knows too well they might not want to hear or even block those notions. It’s a new time with a new consciousness and the music industry needs soldiers like you, bringer of the light to change the present frequency. This is why I am looking forward to working with you. You deal with energy works, you are vegan, you love wine and you meditate, just my kind of person. I rest my case…Positivity is a necessity.

Genesis (Genesis Promotions): Often times one’s life begins and ends with unfulfilled duties and service to our communities and God, not so in the life of Mr. Brooks, who has surpassed his duties to international communities and through constant prayer and public motivation his service to our communities and his service to spiritual bonding in these communities have been beneficial.

Rockers Movement, his brainchild, produces festivals to enhance our love for each other while bringing to the forefront of critical needs in our communities. The world over the need for education, nutrition, to enhance compassion for each other to create festivals that identify the positive in us all, bringing world artists with similar voices and to give credence to a Rockers Movement idea, Feed the Needy.

His birthplace explains this well-grounded individual, the architect of Rockers Movement, his ideas rooted in modernity and futurism where poverty no longer plagues over communities globally, where an outstretched hand feeds and lifts. This also explains why Mr. Brooks feels even a faint heart can be nourished, that Rockers Movement will be here to fulfill its cause, not because ceaseless and tireless has been his own words in relation to the creation process, that makes Rockers Movement what it is. The clear approach to production details to quality control public relation, and staff recognition one can only say the machine that is his dream is qualified to be a platform for any and all to observe, participate, but most of all recognize a dreamer in your midst with his shoulder to the wheel.

Igni (La Venezolana): I think Alfonso is one of the smarter persons I have ever met, I have always admired that about him. When he is available, he is a person that I can talk to about almost anything and he will understand or at least try to understand. I think for him it is hard to trust others, it is hard to show himself to others, I love that he is a spiritual person and that he is not afraid of believing, and having faith. I also love that he is a great father, I have never seen him interacting with his son but just seeing how his eyes light and spark when he talks about him is enough to know that he is a great father. I have learned so much from him (more than he can imagine), I’m a listener and observer like him. I have learned to use that to understand situations and people from him, and doing that I realized so much.

Catalina (Puro Papel): If I only have to choose one word I would say POSITIVE. Then: Charming, flexible about timing and projects, knows how to work in a team. Honest and a pleasure to work with! I don’t know you enough to see your weakness, so its not that I don’t want to mention them, I simply haven’t seen them.

Lizzie (Photographer): From my limited knowledge of you I will say this. The reason why I am always on board to help you out with your productions is I have never seen a more calm, cool, present producer in the middle of production nightmares. You really impressed me with your attentiveness to small details as well as your ability to remain calm & problem solve large problems. You seem to me to remain positive in the face of adversity. Miami needs you so I hope you can carry on & I wish you profit & much success in your life goals!

Luther (Concert Producer): Well, to be honest, I only know you in a business capacity and not on a very personal level. Anyway, based on our dealings over the years, I find you to be a credible person. You carry confidence that may be misconstrued as arrogance or conceit. I can say this because I am often accused of the same. I believe overall you are a good person with good intentions. In this life, if we aim to change the world for better we must first change ourselves for better. I’m pleased that you are taking this journey. Love always, brethren.

Iraklis (Artecology): Great knowing you’re doing some deep experiences…Man I don’t have anything negative to say about you, and not because I want to be nice with you! just had positive experiences with you, so I only can tell that when I needed you have been there for me and quicker than anyone else I know (including my best friends). I can’t tell that I have had any personal relationship with you or that we spend much time together, mostly we had to talk about your or my events, but from the little, I know about you is that you are a very calm character appreciating the little things in life and that you all about changing your surroundings for good. For me, you have been like a mentor supporting me in my events and at some point, you saved also my ass from getting my wife really upset with me… remember that bottle of wine you gave me most of all I appreciate that you are a creative person and that you are a producer… not a producer of events or product but the producer of a live-dream and a creator of your own world… not everyone has the capacity or the guts to do this! I know how it is to do things out of nothing only because there is a will or a dream, and I know what it means to have only the successes of a dream in your mind to pull it through until seeing it thrive… even if others are not on the same page and saying the opposite from what I do would be better… that is why I think we have something in common… maybe also I feel that I know you so good because we are born the same day and year? Keep it up, I am really happy and honored to know you, my Gemini friend a toast ‘PEACE!

Keesha (L.O.E.G Inc.): I think that you’re a very knowledgeable man. You are helpful without hesitation and reservation and I have always respected your opinions, guidance, professionalism. I would like it if you were able to communicate more with your Godson and be apart of his growth and allow him to have a strong man within his life on a regular basis.

Helen (Casero Catering): Alfonso…. I always have the best impression of you, your hard work, your energy, loyal in good or bad moments, always keeping your head up and keep going no matter what…. I do believe that sometimes you need to hold more production meetings with the people who are going to work for the festivals, for different ideas, I know sometimes you believe too much on people but most of them only care about making easy money. I’m talking as a professional, I can help make your team better. I’m looking forward to any event in the future to make sure you are doing something good, with good results, that’s why sometimes I ask you questions, I want to help, and make a difference, much love.

Eileen (Short Film Director): Unflinched, Covert, Speculative, Poised, Reserved, Zealous, Receptive.

Rafael (Recording Artist): For me, you are a great entrepreneur and an awesome sound engineer I hope to work with you again!

Anthony (Recording Artist Black Slate): Your Spirit is real, I believe you really mean well. Life always gives us curveballs, and sometimes makes people adjust accordingly. I think you are a good guy.

Michelle (Global Flow PR): The Pros:1. Always optimistic 2. Visionary 3. Quality /high standards The Cons/ Perception: 1. Sly

Lance O (Kulcha Shok Muzik): Alfonso has always been very positive, and very organized when it comes to events and cover all ends very well at the same said events.

Jojo 7 (Artist): D is one of the most motivating and inspirational people I know. His knowledge of music and the business of music is beyond genius. He has affected me and my life in many ways. He taught me almost everything I need to know about the music industry and then some. Still does. It’s satisfying to know that if I have a question about this business, I can call him and rest assured he will have an answer or solution for me. The man is unique, insightful, and amazing. I am happy that our paths have crossed and I can call him a true and worthy friend for life.

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